Filing for bankruptcy is an extremely effective way to protect your personal assets and property. While it can feel like an overwhelming process both financially and emotionally, our exceptionally skilled legal team can help guide you, providing successful representation no matter where you are in the process.

The Bankruptcy Code and Filling Process:

The bankruptcy code, located in Title 11 of the U.S. Code, is divided into different sections referred to as chapters. Each of these chapters contains different guidelines and parameters. As a result, filing one chapter over the other may be more advantageous depending on your specific situation.

To begin the process, an individual or entity must file a petition. In most cases the mere filing of a petition will activate a court order called the automatic stay. This prevents creditors from taking any further action again the petitioner or their property. If creditors do not observe the stay, they may be subject to sanctions by the Court for violating the Court’s order.

At the Law Offices of Steven Dolson, we are able to address your bankruptcy needs in the areas listed below:

Chapter 7 – Liquidation
Court filing fee $335.00

Chapter 13 – Re-organization
Court filing fee $310.00

Chapter 11 – Business Re-organization
Court filing fee $1,717.00

Chapter 12 – Family Farmer
Court filing fee $275.00

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Steve Dolson has all of the qualities a person should want in a lawyer – he’s passionate, practical, and knowledgeable. Steve is respected by the bench and bar and known for being an effective, vigorous advocate on behalf of his clients. Steve understands that, to the client, no legal matter is...

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