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Social Security Supplemental Income

At the Law Office of Steven Dolson, we understand how dire your financial situation can become when a disability leaves you with little or no income or resources. Sometimes even basic necessities, such as food, clothing and shelter, can become difficult to obtain. That’s where Supplemental Security Income comes in. Individuals are eligible for SSI one month after filing an application. The amount of the benefits is determined based on the income and living arrangements of the individual. People receiving these benefits are also automatically eligible for Medicaid.

Client Reviews
"Steve Dolson has all of the qualities a person should want in a lawyer – he’s passionate, practical, and knowledgeable. Steve is respected by the bench and bar and known for being an effective, vigorous advocate on behalf of his clients. Steve understands that, to the client, no legal matter is “simple” or “routine.” He gives each case the individual care and attention it needs." Bank Attorney, Utica, NY